Self Coaching Card Deck

Self Coaching Card Deck


Continue reading only if you give a sh*t about yourself; Your mind.

Are you a student, parent or a human being?

Wait, let me repeat myself-

Are you someone who has feelings and emotions ?

Do you face thoughts and questions you seem to find no answers to?

I’m going to make a partial guess..

And assume you resonate with each one of them at some level.

We all have moments where we feel very conflicted and we’re not feeling great.

We don’t know what to do so we often try to confide into others and seek help or we choose to suffer in silence.

The challenge with most is that we often try to look for answers externally

whilst all we have to do is find them internally.

Here, I want to offer you this creation of the

“ The Self Coaching Cards ”.

If you’re wondering How they work, let me tell you-

It’s very simple .

There’s two sides to a card.

On one , You’ll find a Thought/feeling which most of us commonly feel in moments of our life.

When you flip the card, You’ll find a Question that you need to ask yourself in that particular moment.

What happens next is quite unique and magical ,

Wondering how?

It’s because you finally open the avenues and paths to amplify the way you build your ability to think constructively.

Most times, we only seem to hit “DEAD-ends” with our thoughts,

And with the use of these cards, you start to seek for a different light and perspective, ALL within YOURSELF

If that isn’t empowering, what is?

Thinking is a muscle that can be built over time. Here’s a simple, clean and interactive tool for you to experience!

__These cards will allow you to:_
*1) Start becoming resourceful

2) Ignites your Cognitive abilities

3) Heightens your level of “Self-awareness”

4) Become your best advisor. (Changes the way you’ll interact with yourself, forever!)

5) Boost your Self-Confidence.

I don’t want to make just another sales pitch, but rather, a genuine value proposition.

A coach helps his coachee not by handing them the resources but by helping them become “ Resourceful ”.

Although it does not replace the real version of coaching,

It acts as a great catalyst of change, working on building your skill of “Self-talk” which will serve you forever.

Several People have already been using these cards and benefitting from them, and here’s what I want to ask you-

Do you see how something like this can help you in your life?

What are you waiting for?

Trust your inner voice and guide yourself upwards on your path to Self Discovery!

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Author Name

Akshay Taleda has worked with several millennials and Gen-Z helping them discover & Unleash their potential. He is a former Model, event manager, and worked for platforms like TEDx until he identified his true desire to make an impact in people’s life and transitioned into the field of Training & Coaching. His mission in life to transform the lives of millions and touch the lives of a billion people through his seminars & writing.  He aims to change the narrative about intelligence and build an emotionally intelligent society that will transform the way world functions.


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